After Patriotic March

from by Distorthead



Not all is lost within choosing our own way
Not all the lives we've grieved for, are forgotten or decayed
Return to the place you've once been led astray
After patriotic march
We will rebuild the state

And the streets began to fill
Uprisen by this guilt
Theese politicians have no shame
it looks like we're all to die in vain
Melodies of sweet reprive
Makes us run faster through the night
All for one and none for all
this is the way we've evolved

The lives we've lost for your comfort
We've not forgotten or grown appart
Reap what you've sown, this is your fucking dismissal
Give back the life, you've been leaching from us all

this is your fucking dismissal

This is the line that you've crossed, now you'll bleed
You will repent for your sins

And i saw the tears in their eyes
A shockwave of sadness hits us all
Forever knowing, that they will never return
This is the tragic song
Sung by the ones that remain

This grief becomes inspiration
We will repulse the temptations
As my brothers raise their arms
And in the end
We'll be the ones who sing

Not all is lost we have chosen our own ways
Now all the lives we've grieved for, May rest in piece today
Return to this place, when you are old and grey
After patriotic march
We will rejoin the brave


from Invasive Species, released October 18, 2014



all rights reserved


DistortHead Châteauguay, Québec

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